"Jennifer is a top-notch senior communications consultant. Her mix of experience in employee communications, change management, executive coaching/counseling and strategic planning is a unique asset to any company. She has an innate ability to quickly understand business issues so that she can offer creative, cutting-edge solutions. Jennifer's style is inviting and friendly...I've seen her establish confidence and trust with clients in record time! I highly recommend her services and hope that I'll get to work with her again in the future."
Julie Flournoy, Senior Director, Capital One

Assessment & Planning
The Touch Points team believes that there’s no such thing as too much planning. Key steps to this phase would include interviews with company executives, management leaders and other influencers, in addition to employees in various job capacities to determine their concerns and expectations regarding an impending change. The interview results will be documented and ultimately compiled into a PowerPoint summary document. This summary will review key drivers and common themes expressed during the interviews, and a comprehensive action plan will be created based on the assessment surveys. Key deliverables include:

    • Data benchmarking
    • Change assessment
    • Measurement toolkit development
    • Sponsorship influencing and governance models
    • Project requirements defined and agreed upon
    • Implementation team defined
    • Change, communication, education and training plans developed,
        toolkits created and incorporated into project plan

Informing & Influencing
Three of the secrets to a successful change management program are communication, communication and communication. Touch Points will coordinate a regular schedule of emails, surveys and events that are designed to keep employees informed along each major step of the change plan, and also to gather their feedback at designated milestones. Key deliverables include:

    • Cascading communication
    • Informal informational sessions
    • Communicate with key influencer audiences

Educating & Moving
Touch Points offers on-going support providing talking points, agendas and even facilitating employee interactions and change events throughout the timeline. We serve as a key resource to the delivery team and participate in as many meetings and events as possible to provide strategic guidance and tactical delivery. In addition, we supplement your internal communications team by providing strategic communications planning and then serving as the tactical resource for development and delivery of key communications. Key deliverables include:

    • Formal communication continues
    • Offer education and training sessions
    • Informal and formal sessions

Reinforcing & Measuring
Touch Points will provide in-depth analysis of the results in each outcome domain to evaluate the impact of the workplace change on each business goal. Conclusions of all the measurement activities, along with a lessons-learned session and a final report, are standard elements of a change management plan from Touch Points. Key deliverables include:

    • Post- and pulse-measurement
    • Informal feedback sessions
    • Formal communications closeout
    • Measurement results report
    • Lessons-learned report
    • Success closeout report with recommendations

Additional Change Management Resources
Touch Points is well-connected in the emerging arena of change management and workplace consulting. We partner with like-minded firms such as Ratekin Consulting, founded by Joel Ratekin, who is a respected pioneer in creating innovative workplace change solutions for forward-thinking national and international clients.

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